Jacob & Hefner Associates, Inc. (JHA) performed Phase I and II ESAs, and Soil Remediation work in the Illinois EPA Site
Remediation Program (SRP) for a 112‐acre parcel for the above‐referenced Client. The work included: creating a
Health and Safety Plan (HASP), managed asbestos inspection, testing and removal, building demolition, monitoring
well decommissioning, environmental drilling, soil and water sampling and remediation guidance through the Illinois
EPA’s SRP. The Phase I ESA indicated Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) including asbestos, general farm
debris (including petro chemicals) and potential heavy metal impacts due to historical site usage. As part of the Phase
II ESA and remediation activities, JHA designed the asbestos, demolition and remediation program specifications and
performed contract negotiations for all phases of work. The site previously contained three construction debris
landfills and a fly ash landfill that were regulated by the Illinois EPA in the late 1970s but were closed in‐situ shortly
afterward. JHA oversaw demolition and removal of 14 site buildings. Constituents of concern included: Semi‐volatile
Organic Compounds (SVOCs) and Metals. To date the remediation has entailed removing approximately 1,500 cubic
yards of impacted soil from one of the former construction debris landfills on site. A Remedial Action Completion
Report (RACR) has been submitted for SRP. It is anticipated that an NFR for the Site will be obtained within the next 30
to 60 days.