About Us

The JHA team is comprised of experienced professionals and field technicians who work closely together on all projects.

JHA’s projects are all overseen by experienced project managers who each have extensive hands-on experience performing the work that they manage.

Staff Roles

Civil Engineering

Project Managers

Our Project Managers are licensed Professional Engineers that are not only experts in their field, but well versed in the processing of engineering drawings and documents through the local, county, state, and federal approval processes. JHA’s corporate structure is designed to provide internal project oversight and detailed design, while maintaining a single project manager to plan and manage a project from inception through its successful conclusion. This allows the project manager to develop a close working relationship with the client and development team, while project engineers execute the design.

Project Engineers

Our Project Engineers are fundamental to the success of every project. They implement design concepts relying on their formal education, on-the-job training and experience, all while utilizing JHA’s computer facilities and software for actual project design. Each Project Engineer prepares construction documents directly using Eagle Point, AutoCad, SITEOPS and Paydirt software. They are also capable of using hydrological programs such as TR-55, TR-20, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS.


Project Managers

Our Surveying Project Managers are licensed Professional Land Surveyors and are cross-trained in our field procedures, so that they understand and can fully participate in the work being produced in the field. Further, our Surveying Project Managers are experts with the specifications for surveying as published by the Illinois Professional Land Surveyor Association, the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping and the National Geodetic Survey.

Crew Chiefs

Our field Surveying Crew Chiefs are equipped with robotic total stations and real time kinematic (RTK) GPS to save our client’s money and improve accuracy while delivering work on time. Total stations with data collectors allow for efficient transfer of information between the field and office, therefore increasing both the speed and accuracy of the field work. Our Crew Chiefs are thoroughly experienced in surveying and mapping for the design of pipelines, boundary and topographic surveys, geodetic networking, aerial ground controls, construction surveys, and hydrographic surveys.


Remediation Managers

Remediation Managers are Senior Technicians who have demonstrated the ability to manage onsite operations and oversee multiple technicians. Our Remediation Managers typically have 15 or more years of experience and are experts at performing pilot and treatability tests, performing injections, and installing, operating, monitoring, troubleshooting, repairing, and modifying remediation equipment and systems. One of the invaluable services provided by our Remediation Managers is their ability to provide detailed, real-time feedback to our clients to minimize downtime in the field and maximize the performance of remediation systems.

Field Engineers

Our staff of Field Engineers, which includes registered professional Civil Engineers, typically perform and/or oversee the implementation of larger and/or complex remediation programs. Their work includes permitting, construction oversight, preparation of O&M manuals, performance of pilot and treatability studies, oversight of sampling programs and remediation operations, and working directly with our clients to effectively plan, manage, and complete all phases of implementation work at each site. Our field engineering staff also includes a Computer/Electronics Engineer with significant expertise with SCADA/PLC systems, GIS programming and systems, and database management.

Field Geologists

Another strength of JHA is our staff of Field Geologists, which includes registered professional Geologists. Their work typically includes overseeing the installation and sampling of vapor probes, soil vapor extraction wells, and groundwater monitoring or extraction wells. Our Geologists also perform boring and trench logging, geologic mapping, and the preparation of gINT logs. They have substantial training and experience with all regulatory requirements and sampling protocols and procedures.


Experienced field technicians are the backbone of JHA. Whether it’s performing groundwater, soil, vapor or stormwater sampling, monitoring and maintaining remediation systems, performing facility decontamination, performing 1166 monitoring, assisting with construction, or performing one of the myriad field tasks required to successfully complete a remediation program, our technicians know how to get the job done. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of implementing remediation programs.

Project Managers

Our Project Managers are experienced professionals with extensive hands-on experience performing the work that they manage. They have each demonstrated the ability to work closely with clients to understand project needs and successfully implement complex projects delivered on time and within budget. Our Project Managers understand the utmost importance of safety and compliance and are experts at delivering first-time quality and value.

Meet the Management Team

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