JHA performed an industrial cleaning of a building in Batavia, IL. The building was formerly used as a plating shop for various heavy industrial and plating processes. Former environmental investigations identified heavy metals (including hexavalent chromium) and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) located on the floor and wall surfaces of the building. Furthermore, significant accumulation of dust, containing PCBs and heavy metals, had occurred throughout the building. This building was initially unsafe for worker occupation and could not be utilized.
JHA hired appropriate personnel to clean the ceilings, walls, and floor of the building. This process involved: (i) JHA’s development of a site-specific HASP to specify the use of appropriate PPE, (ii) coordination with the building owner to ensure safety for all personnel and employees, (iii) developing a project timeline for completion of the cleaning activities, (iv) coordination and establishment of proper containment and decontamination procedures to prevent PCBs and heavy metals from migrating outside of the building walls or below the building slab, (v) post-cleaning/decontamination surface sampling to ensure all surfaces contain safe concentrations of PCBs and heavy metals, and (vi), coordination of waste and wash water removal. Upon completion, surface wipe samples indicated that PCB concentrations and heavy metals/dust remaining on the building walls and floor were below USEPA and OSHA standards, and that the building was safe for the use and occupancy of workers.