Jacob & Hefner Associates, Inc. (JHA) acted as Owner’s Representative for Phase II and Soil Remediation work in the
Illinois EPA Site Remediation Program (SRP) for a 10.6‐acre parcel that was the former Municipal Services Complex
for the City of Lake Forest. The work included: creating a Health and Safety Plan (HASP), managed asbestos removal,
building demolition, tank removal, monitoring well decommissioning, environmental drilling, soil and water sampling
and remediation guidance through the Illinois EPA’s SRP. Designed demolition and remediation program
specifications and performed contract negotiations for all phases of work. JHA initially performed a data gap analysis
of 20 years or site environmental documents and designed a remediation plan. Oversaw demolition and removal of
seven site buildings. Performed additional investigation activities based on data gap discovery. Constituents of
concern included: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Semi‐volatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs) and Metals.
Removed approximately 14,469 cubic yards of impacted soil. Interacted with the Office of the State Fire Marshal
(OSFM) to remove several underground storage tanks (USTs) discovered during remediation activities. The goal was
to receive a no further remediation (NFR) determination letter for the Site within one year of remediation. NFR was
issued within four months after completion of remediation.