Jacob & Hefner Associates, Inc. representative Mr. Todd Huffer was contracted to conduct an asbestos building
inspection prior to a planned demolition of five residential properties in Bensenville. JHA walked the areas of
renovation to determine suspect asbestos containing building materials that may be disturbed during demolition.
JHA collected bulk samples of suspect building materials and turned them into an accredited laboratory for analysis.
A detailed inspection report was developed and delivered to the client for their use. The report included a detailed
cost estimate to abate asbestos materials prior to demolition.
Following the procurement of an asbestos abatement contractor, JHA was retained to oversee asbestos abatement
activities. JHA monitored the contractors work practices to ensure all local, state and federal regulations were
being followed. JHA collected daily air samples inside and outside work areas as well and worker’s personal OSHA
samples. At the completion of abatement in each building, JHA collected final PCM asbestos air clearance samples
to ensure they were in compliance with regulatory requirements.